About Us

…financial services provider to the underserved market in Africa




Our Story


Pehtrah Development Foundation (an incorporated NGO) started an empowerment fund offering loans to low income women at no interest or collateral


Loans above a certain amount began to attract interest payments


Argon Financials was incorporated to drive emerging business concepts and growth


Insurance distribution through the lending business was piloted with a key insurance player in the market.


Argon Financials will apply for a micro insurance license

Our Mission

The Argon Financials mission is to “be a one-stop financial services provider to the unserved market in Africa”

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Argon Financials?

Argon Financials is a fully registered business with the mission of making financial services accessible to all starting with Insurance. Unlike every other insurtech companies, AF will build its own capacity to develop its products and sell through its proprietary distribution mechanism

How do I get an insurance Policy with Argon Financials?

Argon Financials distributes its insurance largely through its lending business for low income women and mobile applications for young adults.

Does AF have a physical office?

Yes we do, but we’d like for you to engage us through our digital channels. We are closer to you than you think.

How do I pay my premiums?

As a Young Adult, once you download our mobile applications; you would be required to supply your card details for monthly deductions of your premium. The women pay for the insurance with their loans.

Is my card details safe with Argon Financials?

Argon Financials never stores card information, all payments for products and services are processed through payment providers